Clerical Online Jobs At Home

The convenience of online typing job is perfect for the stay at home Mom or someone who is searching for supplemental income. Working at home certainly has it’s advantages. But have you really thought about the frustrations that go along with that territory? And believe me, they do exist.

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Clerical Online Jobs At Home

Let’s discuss some of them…the "worse" side of working from home

1. Balancing Work and Family

This by far is the number one factor for many that have small children at home. Many people think that by working from home, they will have much more time to spend with their children. But sadly…too often, it’s simply not the case. It really depends on what type of home position or home business you have and your children’s ages and needs. Before deciding on what type of job or business you enquire, you need to take this into consideration and work up a schedule that will work for both you and your family household.

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I’ve witnessed others experiencing this common problem and it’s also one that I have struggled with and still do from time to time. Does your family and friends think that since you "work at home" you can stop everything at once and come to their rescue, go shopping, run errands for them, take a day off, go for lunch, and so forth? Don’t get me wrong…at times there are real emergency circumstances that arise that will need your attention, and that should be a priority. But generally speaking, it’s crucial to your business to explain your duties to your family and friends and make them understand that your job is just like any other job and it requires devoting so many hours each day for you to make money. Simply put…if you don’t put in your required hours, you don’t get paid.

3. Make Easy Money At Home

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this concept doesn’t exist. If you’re searching for a work at home job, and also thinking you’ll be living on "easy street" once you’ve found that job…think again! Being a work at home professional is not all a bed of roses, and most importantly, NOT always as easy as you’d think OR like it to be. It takes a considerable amount of hard work and consistency.

Oh…Did you think you could set it and forget it? Wrong! For you to be successful, and especially for a home business…you need to work hard at it. I know all too well and learned from experience. Hard work, motivation, and consistency is what will make or break your success. And it certainly won’t happen overnight. It will take time, so patience is the key.

4. Isolation Blues

Personally, this has been my number one disadvantage of my business. There’s no question about it, if you spend most of your time at home in one room with no connection with other people, eventually at some point in time, you will most likely feel alone and isolated. It is normal to experience this as you wouldn’t be in a workplace environment. Face it, it gets a little lonely when there’s nobody to talk with or to share ideas, or to discuss your problems with…business or personal.


Get to know and converse with members of the forums you are a member of. Get to know others as you network with them.

Join chat groups that are relevant to your niche.
Call up an online friend and just chat.
If you own a laptop and your lifestyle and specific job will allow it, go to the park or a coffee house and work.
Try and schedule a dinner appointment at least once a week with an old friend.
Try and make some kind of human connection on a daily basis.

The "better" side of working at home

You are your own boss. You can dictate your own schedule and come and go as you please.
You can take time off whenever you feel like it.
You can be at home when your children get home from school.
You will most definitely save on gas, as you don’t have to commute back and forth to work.
You don’t have to get dressed for work. In fact, you can stay in your sleep wear all day if you want to.
You get to choose what type of work you do at home. You can turn your hobby into a business if desired.
You will have tax benefits. When you run a business in your home, you have a great deal of tax advantages. You will be able to write off itemized things for your business.

Working from your home can be a wonderful thing. But there are various things to take into consideration such as what I’ve mentioned above. You will need to carefully weigh the pros and cons and come to an informed decision if a work at home lifestyle is right for you. Personally for me, I wouldn’t trade my business at home for anything. The advantages far exceed the disadvantages and I’m happy and contented with what I do.

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Clerical Online Jobs At Home
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